Mein Blogg


I finally arrived in Japan!
So it is Danielís law! Everything which could go right, did go right!
I got the guest researcher status at the University
which means that I donít have to pay tuitions,
I got the scholarship from the German DAAD
which means that I am supported by about 700 Euro per month
and with this able to live,
I got my home University making an exception for me
allowing me to write my thesis for 6 month and start it
in the middle of a term,
I am getting support from my very nice Prof. Rohde from my
home University in Berlin, my experienced and skilled
councilor Andreas Middendorf from the research lab (Fraunhofer
IZM) in Berlin I was working at and I have a very very nice and
dedicated professor at the Tokyo University with Mr. Suga!
So like I said I had some luck here! I really hope the Karma
wonīt try to keep itís balance and presents me some bad luck
So my last week in Berlin was a real rush! I had about three
million things to do, but in the end I managed to do at least
the necessary ones. So Sorry to everybody I was not able to meat
or talk to in the last days before I left! I am really sorry!!!
However two days before my flight I finally received my visa and
with that could be sure to really come to Japan.
With that visa I entered Japan on the first July after a flight
with All Italia (I would have taken something else if I would
have known that they will kick us out of the World Cup ;) ).
Since I flew during the Germany-Argentina game I wore my Germany
T-Shirt and hoped for some information! Which I finally got and had a easy landing.

Monday I had my first day at University and it is quite OK.
People are nice, I have a nice place to work with 24 hours access
and I found a little place to stay already. I am staying in a
guest house 5 minutes away from my lab. I think it is
impossible to imagine living in a place like that in Germany but
this is Tokyo!!!(Check the picture!). It is with common kitchen
(which is basically a water tab), common shower (which is a coin
shower, this means you have to pay to get hot water!!!) and a
common toilet which has a usual high japanese standart (it has a
heated seat)

So after that I managed to meat my old friend Gerald from my civil
service days and watched the Germany-Italy game at the German
embassy. It was 4 in the morning, free beer and free food, but
however since Germany lost in the last second of the injury time
it couldnít be a perfect night...

So up to now thatís basically it. I have made some contacts and I
will start to do some sport in the next days.
So I hope to hear from you guys too!!!
Hear, Read and See you

PS: Donít forget to check the pictures under