Mein Blogg


Hello Everybody!

The last weeks I was basically meeting people
and spend too much money with that...
I was in Machida, where I did my social service,
and had a big Summer Festival of my old company
there! Very nice! I meet all the old collegues and
the handicaped of course too! I had a lot of fun
remembering the old time without having to work :D
I went to my other former company (Bosch) in Saitama
and had some good time without having to work there too :D
I was meeting up with Gerald and some other guys too
so I was quite busy going out...
Concerning the University I was starting to make some
contacts and getting deeper into the topic. I will meet
some people in the next weeks and do some kind of interviews
I am feeling like I get really started with my thesis now!
Which is a good feeling and absolutly necessary too!

Besides that I was quite busy using Skype and my eMail
Since I am basically about 12 hours in the University the
most days, I have quite enough time for that ;)

--so if you use Skype just tell me!I need--
--some breaks from writting eMails sometimes ;)--
--You find me under Dasey3781 so contact me!!!---

The University is just more conveniend then my tiny room!
The last weeks it was OK, because it was not too hot here,
but it is getting hoter now, actually it is quite hot today!
I will have a hard time sleeping in that room without aircondition!
I don't really know but it seems hotter inside then outside...
Since it looks like to friends will come (Tim and Marcus)
and they will be here at the same time for about a week
we will have a good time in that sauna!
I am looking forward to that ;o
However I had some luck this week and won a fan!
It's a really small one but it helps a bit. We went bowling
with the people of my lab yesterday and I went third place.
So my price was the fan! We played two rounds and I was struggling
the first round with 114 Points, which is quite a regular score
for me, but since some people were scoring 150 and more I was
quite out of range for the top three (prices for the top three only)
The second round strange things happened! I scored 6 Strikes out of
7 tries with one Spare in between! After that I went back to regula
and did not hit any strike again, but still I ended up with 201 Point!!!
So these 201 Points catapulted me to the third place and my desperatly
needed fan! Somehow destiny was smiling at me again :D

I have uploaded new pictures as well so just check that!

I am out!